Vinyl sleeve, Sticker label
Art Direction, Illustration
Money Chicha  |  Vampi Soul


Longtime client and Money Chicha band leader, Greg Gonzales, approached me about coming up with some album art for their new release named after their popular unofficial SXSW party, Chicha Summit. The band is known for leading the way for psychedelic surf music, made popular in the South American coastal regions known as Chicha music. The band envisioned something spacey and wanted a play on both of the meaning of the word "summit" - a mountain top and a meeting of the minds. Overall the band allowed me to have creative freedom for the vinyl sleeve. The album, Chicha Summit, was release on the Vampi Soul label out of Madrid Spain. You can get your copy HERE.


The process began with a few preliminary sketches to get a better understanding of what direction the band wanted to present with this cover. The final illustration was developed in Procreate. The band collectively loved the idea of portraying the dual meanings of the word "summit" as the album was named, Chicha Summit. The custom typeface of the band's name was completed in Adobe Illustrator for it's multiple use within this project. Like its use on the record label for both sides A & B, which was produced in Adobe Photoshop. The chosen printer provided a proper Adobe InDesign template for the highest quality print possible. Both the final front and back cover were prepped within their template, ready for print. 

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