T-Shirts, Caps, Hoodies, Apparel 
Art Direction, Illustration, Merch Development 
Man & Beast  

"I've always wanted my own streetwear brand."

I have always dreamed of starting my streetwear brand, consisting of t-shirts, caps, and outerwear development. This is a small project consisting of animal ILLUSTRATION combined with the world of DROP SHIPPING WEBSITE. I have created a brand that is conscious of this space we must thrive all while surrounded by earth and it's wildlife. I plan to incorporate donation collab with an animal rescue non-profit in 2022.


"This was more work than I had realized."

This has taken more work than I projected in the beginning.  It's a tough market to see success in the beginning. I found myself exhausted from all the DIGITAL DRAWINGS and constant posting MARKETING MATERIALS to keep up with social media. I am continuing to strive forward, and planning to bring more designs and ideas for expansion. 


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