Casa De La Cultura

"I need some branding for my new non-profit."

Kiko Villamizar has been one of my favorite clients, he is an American born Colombian that focuses on Roots Cumbia using indigenous instruments. He has been one of the most talented individuals I've had the pleasure of working with, and when he mentioned his plans to start a non-profit for inner-city children to have a safe place to learn cultural music and visual arts. He asked if AQ Dsgn could assist him in creating the look of this idea of his. 

"Man, I love how this turned out!"

I took his requests and needs for a LOGO & IDENTITY, it was truly inspired by all that I had witnessed while working for his music business for the past two years. The Casa De La Cultura logo and BRANDING has been on of my favorites, with a WEBSITE to match! I love the color and the little casita that became the logo. Kiko and the Casa team were floored with the final outcome. 


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