Digital Marketing , Visual Identity
Art Direction, Illustration
DJ Chorizo Funk  |  Eddie Campos


Eddie Campos, DJ Chorizo Funk, has been well known around the Austin DJ scene for quite some time now and we have had the pleasure of working with him and his amazing events that have earned him the Best DJ in Austin on multiple occasions. Its honor to work for such a local legend. AQ Dsgn has produced multiple marketing materials for his residency, Bien Lit at the Sahara Lounge among many other one-shot events and holiday gatherings like his event Chorizo De Mayo to celebrate Cinco De Mayo! Eddie always comes with the idea of what imagery and colors he wants to see on the first drafts, and allows AQ Dsgn to bring it to life.  



The process begins with an initial idea from Chorizo Funk to get a better understanding of what direction would like to go. The final illustrations are developed in Procreate. Eddie usually has a logo or chosen typography for each event he brings to AQ Dsgn. The files are all brought into Adobe Photoshop to get them ready for the thousands of screens these will be view from. Eddie usually request a digital package for social media, but for the larger event we will deliver a printable copy for distribution.


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