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AQ is on Twitch

From the beginning of the pandemic, I moved some of my attention to live streaming.  I chose to join the swarm to Twitch, after already having an account to view some of my favorite artists live stream their drawing sessions. This choice has spawned several different streams that focus on the combination of music and art. From solo live drawing streams to split screen collaborations with local DJs and Austin musicians. Exploration and creation all while communicating with the audience live, and in the chat.

A follow or subscription to the channel is always deeply appreciated. 



Pushed Pixels

Digital Illustration

Pushed Pixels was inspired by what brought me to Twitch in the first place. Twitch was access into the studios of some of my favorite illustrators. Feeling brave, and nostalgic for a live art experience again, I gathered all of the gear and went live for the first time in April of 2020.  Working on client work, quick sketching, sharing tips and tricks. Always catch me playing some of my favorite tracks and interacting with the viewers.  

Pushed Pixels - Wednesdays 11am CST



Library Sessions

Sunday Morning DJ Set

Welcome to Library Sessions! Coming to you live from the comfort of my own home in Austin Texas. Grab another cup of coffee and join me for some dusty vinyl, chill brunch vibes, and grocery time. Would love to see you there. I'll be there regardless, it's up to you to show up. Swing through!


Library Sessions - Sundays 10am CST



Pesos Drawl

Split Screen Collab

Shout-out to my homeboy, Tyler aka DJ MadCoins for sticking with me during this. He is a huge supporter of the arts and was all about this idea. We both have been patient with what we've created here with Pesos Drawl. We tried to keep up with how many episodes we've streamed in the past year and a half, but we lost track. We've spent a couple of streams trouble shooting issues on the fly. We have both enjoyed the experience so far, no matter if there is one viewer of 50.

Pesos Drawl - 1st Thursday of the month 8pm CST



The Bubbler

Digital Illustration & Sound Design

Long time client and friend, Félix Pacheco, asked if I'd be interested in doing some illustration while he performs some live  sound design. Of course I was down, and also suggested we stream it live from my Twitch channel.  The first episode was streamed from his backyard patio. I'm looking forward to more streams with him.

The Bubbler - No scheduled events



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