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Album Covers

If you would have told me that I would be producing ALBUM ART for some of Austin's finest bands and musicians 20 years ago, I have to be honest...I probably would not be surprised. Music has been fabric that has made up my early fine art success. Music and the live experience inspired me so much from the stages, crowds, and the array of individuals at the live shows.  

Is there something you have in mind for your next release, whether it's a SINGLE RELEASE for digital streaming, PODCAST or your band is need of a DOUBLE GATEFOLD VINYL SLEEVE?  Drop me a line and let's talk about it. I want to hear your vision.







Bassist, and band leader Greg Gonzales approached me an asked if I would be interested in producing the ALBUM COVER ART for the VINYL SLEEVE. To say the least I was honored, in complete shock at first, but tremendously honored.  The local latin music scene here in Austin was already driving my current career, and I was excited to begin.  The results were beyond what we had imagined.  

The album is released on Vampi Soul Records, a sub company of Munster Records out of Spain.



Cilantro Boomobx

Cilantro Boombox band leader and bassist, Félix Pacheco, approached me at the beginning of 2020 with a SINGLE RELEASE COVER for a digital release for Y O U, a tropical single with sexy island vibes. He had a photo he wanted to use and only requested some nice type design that would fit the track and photo nicely. Needless to say we thought the final outcome was surreal and refreshing, much like the track.



Jeff Plankenhorn

Most of my growth within the album cover world is thanks to this amazing client and friend, Jeff "Plank" Plankenhorn.  We first met in the early 2000s, and I produced some early solo gig poster for Plank back in the day. Later down the road he asked if I would be interested in creating some ALBUM COVERS for digital release. Which leads us to the present day, and this cover for Covered/Uncovered Vol. 2. 




F É L I X 

Félix Pacheco Solo Project 

Working with Félix on multiple projects for his band Cilantro Boombox for the past five years made it easy for me to understand the needs for his first solo project. This is the COVER ART for Cloudview, the first solo single from F É L I X. This is only the beginning with more collaboration between us coming in 2022.



Latin Funk Konnection -Vinyl Sleeve

I was requested to create an ILLUSTRATION of the band looking as if they were just beamed down to Texas from the P-Funk Mothership.  I was completely onboard from the beginning. This was my very first VINYL SLEEVE to produce for a client and I loved ever second of this process.  I created the illustration and layout designing of the sleeve as well.  Also, creation of fully illustrated VINYL STICKERS for both side A and B. 

I was floored when I finally got to add a piece of vinyl that I helped produce to my own collection.



Well, I'm glad you’re here! Just send see a message and we can set up a time to meet and discuss your needs and expectations. Do you have a question for me? Please reach out!

Do you already have a specific project in mind? 
If so, drop me a line and let’s chat about how we can make creative sense of your ideas.



Hydeen K Beverly

Dr. Beverly contacted me shortly after the completion of our first project collaboration for his SINGLE RELEASE, Tears For My People. He had an idea for the  ALBUM ART for his full length release. He lead me to reference and be inspired by early Blue Note album covers, specifically covers with a monochromatic palette. This is a full album with jazz trumpet player Steve Fulir.

Vinyl release coming in 2022.



One Kahleo & Ahuva Rumi

This is the one that started the digital release! Huge thanks to One Kahleo for taking a chance on some illustrator across thee country.  Shout out to my homegirl, Charlie,  for throwing my name in the hat for this project. This was my first taste in the ALBUM COVER ART world, and I'll always remember the experience and the feeling the first time I saw my work on Spotify and Apple Music. 




Podcast Covers



I'm Ready To Talk Now (Podcast)

One of my favorite people to have a good old fashioned conversation with once approached about a CUSTOM ILLUSTRATION to represent his podcast across multiple streaming PODCAST platforms. He sent me photos of his studio set up for recording his episodes and he's surround by so many devices and knobs for fun, and sometimes annoying, effects.  His episodes are dense with information, feelings, and effects. I felt it was important to relay to the audience on what he was working with in the studio.  



Pizza Pod Party (Podcast)

What happens when a martini guy and a pizza chef get together for a PODCAST?  This right here, you get a drunken, but stable slice of pizza with a party hat and a martini in hand.  Podcast to be released 2022!


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